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If you’re suffering from pain and discomfort due to musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions, let us help you find relief. At Decompression Gainseville, we specialize in pain relief and healing of muscle, joint, nerve and soft tissue injuries. We invite you to visit our facility, meet our staff and partake of the benefits of holistic chiropractic treatments.

Meet Our Team

At our chiropractic facility, you will be evaluated by Dr. Terry Crews and our team of chiropractic specialists. We’ll review your medical history, discuss your condition, and give you a physical super kamagra exam to pinpoint the source of your symptoms. This information will enable us to determine if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic treatment. If so, we’ll personalize a treatment plan to reduce your pain and discomfort and promote healing. Through chiropractic care, we strive to improve the health, wellness, and happiness of patients in our care.


Our facility offers a number of services to enhance the health and wellness of people in our community. Here are just a few:

Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor is well versed in the latest chiropractic techniques to reduce pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal injuries. Spinal adjustments are used to help correct spinal misalignments and restore balance to your skeletal system. This reduces pressure on spinal nerves to relieve pain and inflammation so your body can heal. Spinal manipulation is also effective in reducing muscle tension and spasms to restore body function and mobility.


Love it! Very nice,educated, friendly people. Between the adjustments and the massage I'm feeling better already! Thanks!

Lets Get You Started On
Chiropractic Treatments

To schedule an appointment for natural, non-invasive chiropractic treatments, contact Professional Chiropractic Associates in Gainesville at 678-725-1285 today.